Front of Church


There was a time was when the pews were filled to overflowing, finding meeting space for children on any given Sunday was a creative act in itself, and the cars belonging to attendees were parked curbside on village streets stretching out from the church for blocks in every direction. Today, parking is readily available on surrounding streets. Our church is in transition not so unlike other small and once larger churches throughout the valley and the nation. Change does that.


Time is not always gentle on our bodies or our minds as we age. Walkers and canes have become necessary accessories for some of our older members. The church though is handicap accessible. A solid, secure, low incline wooden ramp on the north side of the building allows many who can longer navigate the front steps with assurance to continue attending services. It is a time of change for our church.



 Side Ramp

PulpitThe carved interior woodwork of the pews has mellowed over a century to a warm inviting glow but there are more empty spaces in the pews on Sunday mornings than there once were. The voices of the young, the older and the elderly still mingle though less in number. Small children exit at the midpoint of the service heading excitedly downstairs for the day’s activities.











 Following the service, all gather in the adjoining Social Room for coffee, refreshments and fellowship as congregants have for years and years before. Ours is a church of many traditions and remains a meeting place for the generations, for the heart and for the mind. Come, join us for worship and consider contributing your talents, ideas and insights to our changing congregation. You are welcome here.