A goal and mission of many churches is to not just tend to the spiritual needs of one’s own congregation but to also direct a caring focus outward to organizations in need of financial support in both the local and global community. To that end, Eldorado Universalist Church periodically invites representatives of such organizations to speak during worship service on Sunday mornings. Speakers have represented such diverse groups as Habitat for Humanity, the American Cancer Society, Hospice of Dayton, Clara Barton Red Cross Camp in New England, Clinic 2000 (a diabetes clinic in Haiti), RKF Children’s Home for Orphans in Haiti, and Monroe Township Food Pantry. The last three groups are the focus of church donations for 2016. Special offertory plate collections for these groups have been taken. Opportunities for the members to make additional individual contributions afterwards are provided as well.

Making Change JarSo that the focus of helping one’s neighbor remains in the forefront of congregational thought, a novel idea which has proved successful was implemented by our pastor Kathy Brawley. A small canister for loose change, cash and checks is made available to the congregation. Based on a survey selection of groups that the congregation wished to financially support, the name of the designated recipient shown on the canister changes periodically. Money collected is counted and a check then sent to that respective organization.

Church outreach takes many forms. The Making Change jar is a low profile but highly rewarding addition to the church’s outreach focus, reminding congregants that outward application of spiritual principles is a daily practice.