Alpha and OmegaWELCOME

Welcome to our church website. We hope that you will enjoy perusing the various pages that tell something of our church today and something of our history. A website can never entirely convey the essence of a church because that impalpable knowingness can only be found within the memories and the present awareness of the members, the attendees, the visitors and the extended friends who comprise it.

The past informs the present, and the present the future. This website offers just a glimpse inside today’s and yesterday’s church. It is different and yet it is similar in some ways to innumerable other websites that dot the church cyber galaxy. It is not nor can it really be the beginning and end, the alpha and omega, of what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist. Hopefully though, this particular window onto our church piques your curiosity such that you might stop by some Sunday morning to share worship with us.

The importance of preserving church records cannot be emphasized enough. Without that sense of where we’ve been, it is very difficult to chart a steady course of where we wish to head as a congregation. When a church has been the beneficiary of those who have taken the time to record and preserve the events and daily activities of its church life, it is blessed. Eldorado Universalist Church (or the First Universalist Church as we are also called) has been fortunate in that regard. Space has been provided on this website to honor those for their thoughtful and farsighted endeavors.

Thank you for visiting our website. We genuinely hope that you might consider visiting us in person at some point in your journey and in your quest. You are most welcome here.